Sunday, December 11, 2016

Pastoral Prayer for Those Seeking Joy

God of love’s increasing light, our Advent journey brings us closer and closer to our celebration of your incarnate presence among us. We are joyful about what this will mean: a new revelation of goodness and peace that will shine the way forward for those inspired to share it with the world. Our anticipation grows as we near the manger, yet there is still so much time and there are so many activities that separate us from that moment of rest and relief.

And so we seek joy, the kind that you bestow and the kind that runs deeper than what can be seen. We long to rejoice in the midst of so much difficulty, whether in our own lives or of others close to us in body or spirit. We wish joy for those with struggles physical, emotional, financial, or relational, especially during a season meant to be filled with glad expectation.

O God, may genuine joy sustain us. May authentic hope and peace surround us. And as we continue our journey, may your divine love welcome us. Amen.