Monday, February 27, 2017

Book Review: Why I Left, Why I Stayed by Tony and Bart Campolo

I have a new book review up at the Englewood Review of Books. This time I review Why I Left, Why I Stayed by Tony and Bart Campolo. An excerpt:

Early in this book, Bart Campolo shares the story of what led to his leaving the Christian faith. During a ride on his bike, he crashed head-first into a tree that led to weeks of recovering his memory followed by fresh realizations related to identity and belief. Among such realizations came one of the biggest: he, the son of a nationally renowned evangelical leader and speaker and with his own long career as a pastor, speaker, and missionary himself, no longer believed in God.

Bart’s subsequent sit-down with his parents to share this news is told from both sides. Bart shares his anxiety and uncertainty about how they would react, and Tony (and Peggy in her contributed foreword) both tell of their dismay coupled with their resolve to continue loving their son just as much as they did before.

Read the rest at the Englewood Review of Books.