Sunday, April 16, 2017

Pastoral Prayer for Real Resurrection

based on John 20:1-18

God of resurrection, we have come seeking the promise and hope that this day brings. We are keenly aware of what in our lives needs new life, wondering if the good news of Easter is really enough to transform it. We feel a desperate need for more than just the tomb being empty; for the risen Christ to be truly present with us and raise what seems to be too far lost to redeem.

And so we lift it all up to you, because if there was ever a day all year to do it, it is today. We lift up our stresses, our anxieties, our needs to work harder to impress others or ourselves. We lift up our diseases of mind, body, and spirit that hold us back. We lift up the people we’re estranged from, both the cause of the fraying and its ongoing effect. We lift up our doubts and hesitancies of faith. We lift up our dissatisfaction, our disillusionment, our disappointment, our despair.

These are the places where we need Easter most; where your reminders that you intend resurrection for us will speak loudest and bring most joy.

O God, may this day be more than greeting card-level platitude for the parts of our souls that are hurting and afraid. Make resurrection real for us. Help us to hear our name, to see, to believe, and to proclaim. Amen.