Sunday, June 11, 2017

Pastoral Prayer for Responsible Creation Care

based on Psalm 8

O God, you have entrusted so much to our care: the wonders of the oceans, the beauty of mountains, trees, and fields, the clear blue of the sky, the well-being of species other than our own. Like the garden once entrusted to Adam and Eve, you have given us all that you have created with such care not just to do what we wish, but to nurture well for those born in the decades ahead. Just as you have shared this Earth with us for nourishment and enjoyment, so too is it meant for the generations that follow. Who are we that you have given us so much; that you love us so?

We confess that we don't consider the full weight of this responsibility. We tell ourselves that there will always be enough long into the future, that if problems arise they will be for those who come after us, that even if there isn't enough for others surely there will be enough for us. The implications of careful stewardship are often lost on us, and as a result not only does your creation suffer, but we suffer with it whether we're aware of it or not.

O God, make us mindful of what your beloved world needs. Empower us to rise to the task of our calling to see that the diversity of all you have made continues to thrive. Through our tending, may your name be made majestic as far as the stars, deep as the seas, and as close as our own hearts. Amen.