Noticing the Breeze

I looked up from my computer just now to watch the breeze.

That is not the most interesting sentence I've ever typed. Many may read it and shrug. Who cares about a breeze? What makes that worth writing about?

I'm not exactly sure. I watched the wind blow through the trees in my front window, branches and leaves shaking and dancing in response. I've seen this happen a hundred times through the same glass. 99 times out of 100, it isn't that big a deal.

But today, the way the wind moved reminded me of when I was 6, and the it would blow through other branches overhead while I played outside next to my home.

Today, the way the wind moved reminded me of when I was 12 and running through the gaggle of trees in our side yard next to a different home with friends.

Today, the way the wind moved reminded me of the fall gusts to come while walking with my brother to attend a football game in one of my favorite places.

Today, the way the wind moved caused me to think about a dozen or more times walking through a church cemetery to pray with a grieving family under a green tent.

Today, the way the wind moved caused me to recall all those moments pushing my kids in swings and watching them descend slides, and look to more of those instances to come.

All that from something that seems so routine and ordinary. All that from something I've seen many times before, and will again soon.

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