Sunday, August 06, 2017

Pastoral Prayer for the Helpless

based on Romans 9:1-5

O God, we can't keep up. The news shows us images and stories of people wounded and suffering, excluded and forgotten. Those closer to us are facing the pain of disease, the murky outlook of financial hardship, the strain of overbooked schedules, the heartbreak of crumbling relationships. We include ourselves in this as well, as we bring our own struggles and in our hearts what we're too exhausted or embarrassed to say aloud.

How we wish we could do more! We want so badly to erase and resolve what others are going through! We long so much to do whatever we can to help them find peace and resolution. For their sake and for our own we dream of what could be if we had the power, time, energy, and resources to fix what feels so helpless. And so we turn to you in prayer seeking your guidance and empowerment for what we can't do ourselves.

God, we know you are faithful and attentive to our deepest yearning. As we face another day watching, hoping, and praying, may your presence be a beacon for our souls and a balm for our wounds. Amen.