Sunday, November 19, 2017

Pastoral Prayer for Thankful Remembrance

Faithful God, we hear the encouragement to give thanks always and in all things, but we don’t often feel very thankful. We see and read news of people struggling to have basic needs met in places devastated by disaster. We feel stress and strain in our own lives due to illness, busyness, and uncertainty about what tomorrow might bring. We wonder about the future of the church, and we struggle with what it means to be faithful and effective, as well as what effectiveness looks like.

So we bring all of this to you, hoping you will help us find reasons for thankfulness in the midst of trying and difficult circumstances. We lift prayers for our world, for the many areas racked by problems in our own country, for our communities, for our church, our families, and for ourselves, seeking cause for thanksgiving and opportunities to share it with others in need of its reassuring light.

O God, help us rejoice. Help us give one another reasons for relief and gratitude. To you we share all our prayers and supplications with thanksgiving, seeking the guidance of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Image via Flickr.