Sunday, January 21, 2018

Pastoral Prayer for Hesitant Disciples

based on Mark 1:14-20

Faithful God, your call to us seems so complicated and scary. We wonder if we must really leave everything behind; if we can't take any time to count the cost before dropping other obligations to follow. Can you guarantee our safety, our well-being, our comfort, our success? Are we really meant to drag our nets to catch others, bringing in whomever is swept up in the good news, without stopping to check their background or beliefs? What kind of a life will this be, if we have the courage to say yes?

While your invitation to us is short on guarantees, it is long on grace. As you mean to extend God's many gifts to others, so do you also share them with us. As we wrestle with the potential places to which your Spirit may send us, we need reminders that as you mean to make your love known to them, we are just as fortunate and blessed recipients of that same love, and such a divine embrace is to be shared rather than hoarded.

O God, we are all beggars helping each other find bread. Fill us with your love, and may we joyfully let others know that it is meant for them as well. Amen.

(Image via Flickr)