Thankful for Your Grace - A Litany for Lent 3

Forgiving God, we sometimes mistake this season as a time to feel bad about ourselves; to tear ourselves down and dwell on mistakes we have made and the wrongs we have committed. During our time together, remind us that this is a time to receive your grace and be transformed by it so we may be participants in your healing of the world. And so we pray...

For the ways we've hurt others that we still are trying to make right...

We are thankful for your grace.

For sins and mistakes that keep us up at night with guilt...

We are thankful for your grace.

For the time we've spent intentionally trying to make amends...

We are thankful for your grace.

For moments when we can't quite buy in to the notion that you love us...

We are thankful for your grace.

O God, by this grace may we live, and continue striving to change ourselves. While we can't remake the past, empower us to make a better future. Amen.

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)

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