Help Us Receive - A Litany for Lent 4

God of grace, we often find it hard to forgive ourselves, let alone others. We may still be struggling with things we've done that are keeping us from turning toward a newfound purpose and way of life that you reveal to us through Jesus Christ. When we fully receive your forgiveness, that transformation may begin to happen, and we are inspired to show that same forgiveness to others. And so...

For the self-made prisons in which we doubt our worth in your eyes...

Help us receive your forgiveness.

For the ways we lash out at others because we have not yet come to terms with something within ourselves...

Help us receive your forgiveness.

For the ways we are not yet willing and able to forgive others...

Help us receive your forgiveness.

For times in which we attempt to isolate ourselves from you and from other people to avoid being hurt again...

Help us receive your forgiveness.

Help us receive your forgiveness, O God, and to be renewed for a journey back toward wholeness of life and spirit. Amen.

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