Save Us - A Litany for Lent 6

O God, we gather today to wave palms and shout "Hosanna! Save us!" But we may bring different concerns and crises from which we seek salvation. So we line the streets and aisles of towns and churches and our own hearts crying out to be delivered from what we cannot save ourselves from by our own power. We turn to you, waving and chanting, hoping in your peace and presence. And we pray...

From the addictions, disordered attachments, and dependencies with which we continue to struggle...

Save us, O God.

From the limitations and frustrations of physical, mental, or spiritual affliction...

Save us, O God.

From the ways that troubled relationships with loved ones burden us with guilt or despair...

Save us, O God.

From the grief that weighs on us due to the many ways loss may manifest in our lives...

Save us, O God.

From our insistence to go things alone rather than admit our need for you or others; help...

Save us, O God.

O God, save us from ourselves and from all that keeps us from knowing or realizing our full value in your eyes. Amen.

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