Sunday, April 15, 2018

A Prayer for Easter Questions

based on Luke 24:36-48

Faithful God, at Eastertime you show us strange and unexpected things. We find it difficult to grasp how Jesus was once dead but now alive again. We question how that is possible, and what he is like now. And we wonder why it matters.

After all, we are well aware that life ends. This painful truth has been made known to us more than once. For Jesus to be raised and to be more or other than what he was is outside the bounds of our experience and knowledge. How can we be sure that resurrection was possible for him, let alone us, and what does it look like?

And so you show us. You show us through meals enjoyed with laughter and hospitality. You show us through warming temperatures; the blooming of color in flowerbeds and the return of squirrels hopping through grass. You show us through kind words and shared deeds, through moments when we can offer some part of ourselves so that others may find relief in sadness. Through the physical, you show us something spiritual, as well as the hope-making bond between them.

O God, show us Easter again. We may not often know what to look for, but we sometimes see it anyway. And in those revelatory times, we can see so much more that has always been, and continue to be. Amen.