Sunday, April 22, 2018

A Prayer for God's Shepherding

based on Psalm 23

O God, you are our guide and keeper. Because of you, we will lack for nothing; we will always find our needs met.

Your embrace allows us to rest easy in peaceful places. You lead us by calm, refreshing, cleansing waters. And our parched and weary souls find much-needed renewal.

You lead us along paths both rocky and smooth; we listen for your name, and for you calling ours.

When we find ourselves in valleys of darkness and despair, we persevere because you are ever with us. You protect our steps and provide a steady Spirit when our hearts are endangered.

You prepare a table of nourishment and reconciliation for us and for others. You call us to service and our blessings overflow.

Your forgiveness and steadfast love will always pursue us, even when we can’t detect it or are running from it. We are always in your presence, in this life and ever after. Amen.

(Image via GoodFreePhotos)