Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Prayer for Discernment

based on Isaiah 6:1-8

Faithful God, we pause on a weekend of solemn remembrance to reflect on your call to each of us. For some, such a claim on one's life is unmistakable: the combination of circumstance, skill, and passion combine to drive us toward a clear goal where not pursuing it would feel like betrayal to you and to ourselves. For others, we may be choosing between several options that each seem reasonable and that could be fulfilling to us and to the world we know. And for still others, we are wandering through fields of tall grass, trying to find our way, wishing for a voice to speak purpose into our souls.

But the first part of finding our call is showing up, and so we come to sanctuary or wander beside streams or throw our hands up on street corners saying, "Here I am." We require neither soaring angels or shaking pillars; we just want to know where we can direct our time and energy to ease others' burdens and know for ourselves that we are being sent in the right direction. We await your Spirit's guiding, ready to serve but also with a wariness of our ability to do what will be asked of us.

O God, we don't yet know what "send me" means, but with your assurance that you will be with us as we go, we will trust that you know the way. As we serve, may our mouths and motives be cleansed, and may others find hope and life through the work you will do in us. Amen.

(Image via Flickr)