Sunday, June 24, 2018

A Prayer for Stormy Sailing

based on Mark 4:35-41

Faithful God, the storms of our lives are overwhelming us. The waves are so high, crashing against what we've counted on for safe passage through tough moments. The wind is so strong, bending our usual tools for navigation and coping to the point where we're worried they'll break. What we've relied on before doesn't seem to be enough this time. And along with everything else, we confess that our trust in you may not be what it once was, either.

We cry out to you, "Save us! Don't you realize what is happening? Don't you care? Are you going to do anything?" We wonder if you're sleeping, laying down on the job while we fend for ourselves. We wait and watch and long for you to appear in our storms to say, "Peace! Be still!"

And you do, although it is not in the way we expect. At times you calm the storms blowing against us, at other times you quiet those that rage within us. If you do not banish the rough seas, you at least strengthen our resilience to face them. If you do not silence the wind, you at least reinforce the trust and courage that we need to move through them.

And so we seek that strength and resilience and courage and trust now, in the hope that we will find solid ground again.

O God, may we find peace. May we be still. May we listen to your voice in rocky times, and see clear sky and calm water again. Amen.

(Image via pxhere)