Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Prayer in Search of a Plan

based on Ephesians 1:3-14

Faithful God, so often we read or hear about your plan for us or for the world but wonder at what it could possibly be. We see around us the ways those who make up your creation injure one another physically, emotionally, or spiritually and ask what sort of plan could be in the midst of it. Or we wake up to a new day to face questions in our own lives—how we will make it, how we will cope, how we will be with those whose views or practices are hurtful or difficult, how we will manage those problems that seem to have no easy answers—and again we ask what sort of plan is behind it all.

Through Jesus, you show that you have not made plans to do active harm to us, but you do plan to never leave or forsake us. You instead plan to draw your embrace ever closer around us in times of struggle and uncertainty, to lead us onward through thorny paths and to help us see new light and new life through our tears, to claim us every day as your own and grant us the courage and peace to take even one more step toward restoration.

O God, we set our hope in you. We trust your plan to always love and transform us according to your grace. Amen.