Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Prayer for Heavenly Bread

based on John 6:35:41-51

Faithful God, we crave so many things that ultimately leave us hungry again. We crave status in the eyes of others and hope that our own accomplishments or those of our family will help us achieve it. We crave material possessions that we believe will make our lives more comfortable. We crave the love of someone who always seems to ask more of us before they will give it. We crave food that may tickle our endorphins for a while but may cause regret later.

Through Jesus, you offer fulfillment for these cravings in a different way. Through him you offer living water that will quench thirst, and bread from heaven that will satisfy our spirits. While our seeking after other cravings will leave us ever wanting more, this new life freely given offers a wholeness that these more fleeting pursuits never will. So we pray that you will direct our hearts toward that which is truly gratifying and lasting, so that we in turn may share it with others in such need.

O God, give us what we cannot provide for ourselves. As we partake, so may we with glad and generous hearts pass it along for others to receive it as well. Amen.

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