Sunday, January 06, 2019

A Prayer for Little Changes

based on Matthew 2:1-12

Faithful God, we keep telling ourselves that this time, it will be different. This time, we’ll commit to what we’ve been putting off. This time, we’ll make improvements for the sake of our physical, emotional, or spiritual health. This time, we’ll make more time for things that matter. This time, we’ll break completely with what is hindering us or harming us. This time, we tell ourselves, we’ll finally make those big changes that will enable us to become the person we want to be.

And so in whatever way we’ve already messed up all our good intentions or for the ways we’ll soon do so, we offer it up to you. We seek forgiveness for the pain we’ve caused ourselves or someone else. We seek refocus for what we’ve neglected. But perhaps most of all, we seek a certain gentleness to give ourselves when all our big sweeping plans didn’t immediately come into existence. We recognize what in our lives needs transformed, but we pray for patience, endurance, and realism. Among the other things that we pray for this morning, we pray for the awareness and intentionality needed to make the small adjustments each day that eventually could add up to something that lasts and is beautiful and is life-giving.

O God, in the midst of what we dream for ourselves, may we be watchful for your guiding star. May it lead us toward lasting change a little more day by day. Amen.

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