Sunday, February 10, 2019

A Prayer for Love Reflected Back

based on Luke 5:1-11

Faithful God, it’s difficult to have a mirror held up to our lives that reveals back to us all of our shortcomings, failures, inadequacies, and fears. We’d rather not look because it’s too painful or due to our having some sense already of what we would see. When we are confronted with all that we are including those parts of ourselves that make us feel shame, our spirits shrink while our despair expands. We question whether we are worth being loved: if others saw this same complete picture, would they still want us?

The answer to that question begins with you, as you look into this full image with us. Without minimizing our gifts and without smiling at our flaws, you affirm all of who we are because you made us, and because what has been made at our core includes a spark of your creative light. And you continue to shine that same light into us with your transformative care and forgiveness that is ever shaping our imperfections into something redeemed and new.

O God, may all that we are reflect the love you first showed to us. And may such reflection catch others up in your presence in the world, that they may see themselves as you see them, too. Amen.

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