Monday, February 18, 2019

Litanies of Confession for Lent

In 2018, I wrote a series of confessional litanies to open worship for each Sunday in Lent. I posted them at the beginning of each week for the following Sunday.

Here are a collection of links to all of them in case you're a church leader still putting things together for the upcoming season.

They're set up as a call and response, where the one leading the litany first prays on behalf of the gathered body, and then gives a series of statements for which the congregation asks to be forgiven, transformed, or given greater awareness about.

One could also adapt them for personal use.

Reform Us - A Litany for Lent 1
We Want to Repent - A Litany for Lent 2
Thankful for Your Grace - A Litany for Lent 3
Help Us Receive - A Litany for Lent 4
Forgive Us - A Litany for Lent 5
Save Us - A Litany for Lent 6

May the upcoming season be one of blessing, reflection, preparation and peace.

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