Monday, March 04, 2019

I'm Giving Up Blogging for Lent

In January this blog turned 14 years old. That's 14 years of at least one post, usually two, per week. I've written just over 2200 posts in that span.

I think I'm long overdue to take some time off, especially after the amazing (and exhausting) events of releasing two books back to back last summer. I have been experiencing a change in attitude toward this online space since then that I've been putting off thinking about.

I need some time to consider how I want to approach being an author/blogger going forward. Lent seems like a good opportunity to finally take a break and do that.

Make sure you're signed up for my newsletter and you connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. If/when I return to this practice, those places are where I'll let people know.

And if you miss my writing here while I'm gone, you could always tide yourself over by checking out my books.

AND I'd still be more than happy to schedule speaking events. Just fill out the form on my speaking page or shoot me an email.

Otherwise, I'll see you on here after Easter. And thanks for reading.

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