Sunday, April 28, 2019

A Prayer from a Locked Room

based on John 20:19-31

Faithful God, we often find it easier and safer to lock ourselves away, where our problems are out of sight and out of mind. If we can do that, we tell ourselves, we won’t really need to face or fess up to those most difficult parts of our lives. We’ll avoid being hurt further, but we’ll also avoid any sorts of lessons of growth that they may teach us. To us, it would be better to close ourselves off, where neither harm nor stretched perspective may reach us.

And yet you show up anyway, breaking through our defenses and bubbles and walls to speak a word of peace. Our thickest and most impenetrable barriers cannot keep out the promise of resurrection that you offer. Your Spirit goes where She wants, despite our best efforts, to breathe possibility into our tired bodies and souls, inspiring us to reconsider what the world outside our personal panic rooms looks like.

O God, we admit that we are still afraid. Yet despite our fear, we place our faith in you, that the message of Easter may continue to help us break through our anxiety and branch out in trust and hope. Amen.