Monday, April 22, 2019

Returning and Rebooting

When I gave up blogging for Lent, I was pretty worn out.

I meant to do this last Lent, if that tells you how long this has been wearing on me. But at that time I was in the midst of getting not one but two books ready for publication, and didn't know when taking a break might actually be more of a hindrance than a help.

We non-superstar author types who work with smaller publishers don't get official release dates to plan long campaigns around...they just appear on Amazon when they're ready and then we scramble to our social media platforms to say, "Hey, here it is! Please buy it!"

(At least that's been my experience every time so far.)

So even though I wanted to rest and recharge, I instead was on high alert to make sure I could be my most responsive promotional self when my new titles hit the internet. And since they both ended up releasing over the summer, going away during Lent wouldn't have been an issue. Hindsight is 20/20 and all that.

Anyway. I left for 40 days (and 6 Sundays). It was great. I needed it. And now I'm back.

So, now what?

Here's the thing. When I published Coffeehouse Contemplative, I was still under the mindset that I was a blogger first; I just also happened to have a book.

I think that last year changed my mindset in several ways. Certain things I did on here had pretty well run their course, and why would a guy with three books place more creative emphasis on his blog than the books?

Essentially, I now want to be an author with a blog, not a blogger with some books.

To me, this makes much more sense.

This will still be an active place, but the posts might not be as frequent as before. I'm not sure whether that matters, honestly. I don't think people wake up every morning to check their list of favorite blogs for new content the way they used to.

But I'll be here offering my thoughts on faith, life, church, and spirituality. I'd like to make offering tips for writing more of a thing here. I'll post updates on writing elsewhere and speaking gigs. I'll still post prayers and liturgy. I'll still review books, though not as frequently as before. And I'll engage popular culture while highlighting their spiritual themes.

I think that's enough.

I was glad for the break. I'm also glad to be back. And I'm glad that you're reading.