Sunday, May 26, 2019

A Prayer for Easter Reminders

Faithful God, this far removed from the initial celebration, we may have forgotten that it is still Easter. Our proclamations that “Christ is risen indeed” aren’t as jubilant, if we even remember to say it at all. We’ve put away our spring pastels in anticipation of days by the pool or grill. In changing with other seasons in our lives, we’ve moved on, having already embraced what lies ahead on the calendar.

Other life seasons may still have use longing to be reminded of resurrection hope. Those parts of our selves that have us worried about a loved one, grieving a loss, anxious about choice or change, or questioning how you are present with us have us still needing to hear about the empty tomb and the ways the risen Christ is still at work in the world. And so in this time of prayer, we seek such reminders either for ourselves, or to carry forth for others’ sake.

O God, no matter the time of year, may the good news of new life ever be our guide. Amen.