Sunday, May 05, 2019

A Prayer with a Forwarding Address

based on John 21:1-19

Faithful God, we don’t often stop to notice the way you are present in all things. We don’t often take time to slow down and consider how you are with us in the checkout line, in the work meeting, sitting with us during ballgames and concerts, in the waiting room. We are often tempted to think that you are only inside houses of worship, as if they're your actual mailing address, and in certain areas of our lives we may even prefer that to be the case.

But as we continue to proclaim as an Easter people, no space can confine you. Neither tomb or building or theology or attitude can contain who you are or where you are able to go. And while there may be times that we find this difficult to see or troubling to consider, we are altogether grateful that you go with us in times of joy and sorrow. And whichever may be most prevalent to us in this moment, we pray for a newfound sense of how that is so.

O God, you never leave nor forsake us. For that, we are glad. By that truth, may we move through this week with renewed purpose and hope. Amen.