Monday, July 29, 2019

Invocations Are Not Incantations

A prayer of invocation is not a magical incantation.

It's not like summoning a ghost at a seance.

God isn't absent until we pray some words inviting God to be with us.

God doesn't wait for us to say the right thing before showing up. Prayers are not spells, nor are they mathmatical formulas. We don't have to solve for X to get God to respond.

God is already here with us.

We pray invocations or prayers of approach or words of institution at communion to center ourselves; to open our hearts and minds to how God is with us.

We pray to become aware of God's presence. Invocations are prayers of consciousness.

We pay for a greater sense of connection between ourselves and God, which is already true and forming and happening and evolving.

God has already shown up. We pray so we may show up, too.

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