Sunday, August 18, 2019

A Prayer from Within Our Cloud

based on Hebrews 11:29-12:2

Faithful God, before we offer up those things in our lives that we are most worried about; those concerns that are draining our energy and making our hearts heavy, we first confess our pride. We may think it a strange place to begin, but we so far may have attempted to solve these problems on our own without consulting expert advice, without admitting to others our need or our fear, without sharing our longings with you. We perhaps have been so consumed by pressure to keep up appearances, to present ourselves as independent and strong and capable, and we have denied ourselves the love of others to aid us in our weariness.

So first we admit to you that we need something. We feel helpless. We feel sad. We feel lonely. We are seeking hope. We feel powerless in the midst of others' pain or our own. We say this not to add any extra burden or distress to our already strained spirits, but to remove them or at least to begin lightening what we carry. And then, having been honest with you and with the cloud of love that surrounds us, we journey toward healing surrounded by others, as you provide.

O God, for the many witnesses past and present who help us bear heavy things, and who remind us that faith need not be something to keep alone, we give thanks. May we have the courage to lay down our pride in order to take up the many blessings of your presence and our community. Amen.

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