Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Book Review: A Sin By Any Other Name by Robert W. Lee

I have a new book review up at the Englewood Review of Books. This time, I reviewed A Sin By Any Other Name by Robert W. Lee. An excerpt:

My first encounter with Rev. Rob Lee was probably the same as that of many others: while watching the MTV Video and Music Awards, I saw him ascend the stage, identify himself as a descendent of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, and speak in support of Black Lives Matter and against monuments to people like his ancestor who had fought for the South during the Civil War.

As one may have been able to expect, a certain contingent of viewers did not appreciate Lee’s opinions; this turned out to include some members of the small congregation he was serving at the time. Since being given such a public platform on MTV, his eventual split from the church also played out in public, although as with many things, only part of the story made it to print and screen.

Read the rest of the review at the Englewood Review of Books.