Thursday, August 15, 2019

Fall Reading

Where'd the year go? I've been asking this in reference to a lot of different things lately.

This includes my reading list.

It feels like I was just making plans for what to read the first part of the year back in January, and now here I am on the verge of welcoming my favorite season, and I need to make a new list once again.

So here's what I'm planning to read these final months of the year.
  • Advent by Fleming Rutledge
  • Speaking Well by Adam Hamilton
  • Cash by Johnny Cash
  • Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler
  • Welcome to Night Vale by Joseph Fink
  • Wanderers by Chuck Wendig
  • 1919 by Eve Ewing
  • On the Come Up by Angie Thomas
Some novels, a little poetry, a memoir, and some churchy/spiritual books. For me, the usual.

What are you planning to read before the year comes to a close?

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