Sunday, September 01, 2019

A Prayer for Unity in Our Labor

Faithful God, you have blessed your beloved humanity with a variety of abilities and gifts: some who understand numbers, some who explore their curiosity of how the world works, some with a patient caregiving spirit, some who devote themselves to the development of young minds, some who give themselves to protect others, some who are able to build, and others who are able to bake. This rich diversity of talents makes a living for those who lend them, but it also adds to a way of life for entire neighborhoods, communities, states, and nations. And for that we take time to be thankful, because it is not just we as individuals meant to be self-made for our own ends, but what we can contribute alongside others to make for all.

As we reflect on our individual labor, so do we acknowledge the greater effect to which it adds for the benefit of family, friends, and strangers alike. Each of us, called to our own work, our own responsibilities, our own passions, our own ways of worship and nurturing faith, are nevertheless connected by our membership in your one, single, graced creation. And so we offer what we've received back to you, as we strive toward living out that grace as a people equipped with our own gifts yet unified by what we may join to make together.

O God, we are grateful for opportunities to labor faithfully. By your Spirit, may it be for you and for each other. Amen.

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