Sunday, November 17, 2019

A Prayer from a Crumbling Temple

based on Luke 21:5-19

Faithful God, we’re sometimes given reminders of how temporary and fleeting life’s moments can be. In an instant, something we assumed to be constant changes or is lost to us, and we are left marveling at the quickness with which what we know passes into something of which we are less sure.

For us, this can be good news, such as when a diagnosis begins to take a turn for the better or a financial burden becomes lighter or a relationship begins to mend. Just as often this can be bad news, such as a downturn in health, or a loved one moves out of reach, or employment prospects suddenly disappear.

Whatever the specifics, these are times that call for greater trust in you, and we may need to testify to ourselves or others to remember our closeness to you. The pillars of our lives may begin to crumble, and we are need of a sure foundation on which to stand in faith.

O God, we build our hope in you. Whatever may come even in the next moment, may we face it with confidence in your presence and grace. Amen.

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