Sunday, January 12, 2020

A Prayer from the Riverbank

based on Matthew 3:13-17

Faithful God, how often we wish that your call to us was so plain to hear that we could not mistake it for anything else. How often we need to be reassured that we are your beloved, your chosen, your precious creation. Such audible confirmation could be the moment of turning that we need for our despair, our self-doubt, our uncertainty about the future, our sorrow at what we have done to others, our anxiety about our community or world. We seek to be cleansed by your baptism, led by your Spirit, and affirmed by your voice.

We are not without reminders and signs, if we could see them as such. In the refreshment of rain and ocean, in the peace of river and stream, you are there. In the song of nature and instrument alike, you can stir our souls to stillness or response. In the comforting or challenging words of those who love us and want us to succeed is your voice, working in tandem with our own, to help us more fully realize who we are and how you see us. And when we see and hear and connect, we find the sacred and sacramental at last.

O God, teach us to watch and listen, and to receive the grace offered in the everyday. Show us that we were always gifted by your presence, and that you have more to give. Amen.

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