Monday, January 06, 2020

Another Book Is Coming

Happy Epiphany, and happy 15th anniversary to this blog.

And happy news that I get to share.

I will be working with Wipf and Stock to publish my fourth book! You may recall that this is actually my second time working with them, the first time around being for Wonder and Whiskey.

And it happens that I'm going back to the "faith and pop culture" theme, this time around going with one of my favorite TV series, Doctor Who.

The tentative title is The Doctor and The Apostle: Intersections Between Doctor Who and the Letters of Paul. The theme of the book is pretty much what the title sounds like: I'll be analyzing various aspects of the show and how they show up in Paul's letters. There will also be some focus on the character of the Doctor him/herself and the life experience of Paul, and how their struggles may be similar or different.

The book should be out sometime this year. I'll provide updates as the process moves along.

While you wait, just a reminder that I've published three other books already.

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Pastor David Woodard said...

AWESOME!! It might be fun to include a chapter on the TARDIS itself. I'm thinking of "The Doctor's Wife" episode where the TARDIS is downloaded into a human. One of her lines is something like "I don't take you where you want to go. I take you where you need to be."

With or without such a chapter, I'm thrilled you're doing this and look forward to reading it!