Thursday, January 16, 2020

Come Home to Emotion

I'm currently reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. In one of the earliest chapters, she talks about an inner voice that works against our desire for artistic exploration, which she calls the Censor.

The Censor is our "logic brain." It's the voice--perhaps an amalgam of people who have assisted in shaping these ideas throughout our lives--that tells us what is or isn't possible. In particular, it won't let us create or imagine. This voice limits us, telling us to focus on what we can see and what will help us make a living and steers us away from the fanciful.

The Censor does its best to keep us in certain modes of thinking and of addressing problems and of looking at the world, telling us that considering options outside the lines, or doing things just to enjoy them or to attempt to envision something different, isn't permissible.

We deny ourselves so much if we always choose the "sensible" over creativity. How many breakthroughs in art, in music, in religion, and in science have come as a result of people ignoring their Censor and following a different path?

Sometimes we need to see with something other than our eyes so that new possibilities can be born.