Sunday, April 05, 2020

A Prayer on an Empty Street

based on Matthew 21:1-11

Faithful God, on this joyous day of celebration and anticipation, we are unable to line the streets the way we would like. We cannot lift our palms and lay our cloaks on the road because it would be too crowded and we would be putting one another in danger. Our love for one another outweighs our usual traditions and practices, and while we wish to gather together, to sing and shout "Hosanna," and to crowd in and crane our necks to see Jesus process by, we would not be able to do so while remaining six feet apart.

Our cries of "save us!" are as critical as they have ever been. We nevertheless raise them in unison from our places of shelter and isolation because we are all still longing for the same outcome. We need Jesus to ride in, to offer hope, to reassure us who are seeking relief in a frightening and uncertain time. We need a reminder that even when we are most anxious, the triumphal entry into our lives still happens.

O God, save us. Lift our heads and hearts to see the cross, and the ways you are with us at our weakest point. We give thanks that as different as this week will be from what we're used to, you will nevertheless lead us toward the Easter that we need. Amen.

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