Sunday, June 07, 2020

A Prayer for a Great Commissioning

based on Matthew 28:16-20

Faithful God, who through Jesus commissions us to go forth and make disciples, let us be about this work in the true spirit of the one who bids us follow. May our gospel-sharing embody the same divine love and justice that we have experienced in Christ.

May our making of disciples protest racist actions and policies that dehumanize, oppress, imprison, and kill.

May our making of disciples lovingly embrace those whom society has declared unclean according to sexuality or gender non-conformity.

May our making of disciples recognize as our neighbor those whose faith or non-faith differs from our own.

May our making of disciples reject practices and beliefs from our own tradition that cause physical, emotional, or spiritual harm to those both inside and outside our circles.

May our making of disciples resist the temptation to blend our faith with the values of Empire; to distort your calling for the sake of power.

May our making of disciples exhibit boundary-breaking inclusiveness, tearing down walls between people rather than raising them.

May our making of disciples entail the recognition of our own privileges and biases in the pursuit of a more just and equitable world for others.

May our making of disciples not merely be about entering heaven in the life to come, but participation in bringing heaven to those going through hell now.

O God, yours is a truly great commission. Grant us the courage and faith that we need to fulfill it, so that all may experience your good news. Amen.

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