Monday, July 13, 2020

Get the Juices Going

Many people during this time have been celebrating creativity. Artists, musicians, and writers have been finding new and unique ways to lift people's spirits through what they can offer. I've "attended" several free concerts and jam sessions the past few months. Writers have been been doing readings (I did one myself close to the beginning of all this). 

I wish I could say that my own sense of creativity has been on a continued high the past few months. It had to be for me to finish the book. But as with most anything else, I experienced a dip for a while after I was done with that.

When so much is shut down and inaccessible, turning to one's own capacity for creating can be a spiritual survival skill. It can keep our minds and souls active and engaged. And among the things we need right now are activity and engagement.

My journal has been my place for finding creativity again, through blackout poetry and doodling and collages and sketching out the beginning of posts for this blog. Not much of it is ready for prime time, but not all of it is meant to be. 

It's just good to get the juices going.