Sunday, August 16, 2020

A Prayer from the Edge of the Sewer

based on Matthew 15:10-20

Faithful God,

We are taking in so much information and so many opinions every day.

We are constantly hearing about how we should spend our money, how we should dress, what to believe, who to trust, and what is truth.

So many viewpoints, and our own minds filter out what we think is best based on what makes us feel good, or what calls us to action, or what affirms what we already want to think, or what gives us hope or affirmation or information or, in the rarest of cases, expands us beyond such things toward something more.

However much we digest, you remind us that it is what we produce that really matters.

What results from our constant consumption? 

Do we love or hate more? 

Do we provide or withhold more? 

Do we include or exclude more? 

Do we understand more, or shut ourselves further off from what doesn't fit our narrative?

Are we more likely to take action or withdraw? 

Are we inspired to greater peacemaking or to greater violence?

Do we grow more paranoid or more open to possibility?

Through Jesus, you remind us that what spouts forth from us is what truly has the potential to defile.

Help us see beyond our own desires to receive what you'd have us see and hear, and act accordingly, for your sake and for our neighbors'.

Deliver us from what will defile your kingdom and creation.