Thursday, October 15, 2020

31 Halloween Movies - Week 2

Previously: Introduction, Week 1

I've made it to the end of the second week of watching a horror movie a day through October. I was worried that I'd get tired of doing this, but it's actually been quite fun. It's weird to think this is nearly half over already. Here's what I watched this past week.

8. Bride of Frankenstein - The franchise didn't take long to get silly. From comic relief characters to the antics of some miniature humans that a scientist creates, this movie didn't hit as seriously as the first one for me. There is some weightiness to the Monster exploring his own existence and seeming to accept the circle of life more than the two seeking to make a mate for him. Overall, I did still enjoy it.

9. The Shining - I was especially looking forward to this one. This movie combines psychic ability, haunting, an evil building, and mental health issues in a way that is so well done. It could have been too much, but it strikes just the right balance between them. This is one of those movies that relies more on suggestion than jump scares, which I prefer. It lived up to my expectations.

10. Us - I really liked Get Out, and have been wanting to watch this for a long time. Basically, Jordan Peele is a genius. As a family (and an entire town) is terrorized by doppelgängers, they have to figure out how to fend off creatures that know every move that they're going to make. It was incredibly creepy, and the reveals and plot points presented a lot of questions to consider.

11. Tooth Fairy - This was a random library find, and just the notion of people trying to fend off the evil Tooth Fairy made me laugh, so I went for it. It's gloriously low budget, and every bit as silly as I thought it would be. I love schlocky horror movies as much as the masterpieces, so this was still fun.

12. The Invisible Man (1933) - I remember reading a book version of this story in elementary school. Of the "classic" monsters, I really found this one especially captivating as a kid. Claude Rains plays him as equal parts sinister and unhinged, as he coldly calculates someone's demise one minute and gleefully skips down the road in nothing but a pair of pants the next. 

13. Creature from the Black Lagoon - Much like in King Kong before it, a group of scientists and explorers encounter a fantastic creature in the Amazon. The ones seeking glory prevail over the more compassionate ones to invade his space, and the question arises by the end as to who is the real monster. 

14. They Live - It turns out that a movie made in the late 80s starring Roddy Piper is the perfect commentary on our present national situation. Or, maybe things haven't really changed that much. In either case, Piper's everyman gets to make funny quips while trying to bring down invading aliens who rely on consumerism, corporate greed, and propaganda to keep the populace docile. See? I told you it was timely.