Monday, October 19, 2020

Basic Facts

It's been incredibly frustrating to me the past few years to see basic facts distorted to help preserve a narrative. 

Leaders do it to retain their power. Followers help because....I've never been totally clear why. Because they like being close to power? Because they like feeling like they're on a winning team? Because they don't want to admit they were wrong? I suspect it's a little bit of all three.

They Live painted a picture of people lulled into a consumeristic sleep state by those dependent on their remaining oblivious to the truth. We're seeing that play out daily, whether people are willfully asleep or truly ignorant of what's around them.

And the people in charge are happy to keep the facts distorted. So COVID and racism and violence just keep on raging, under cover of lies and propaganda, helped by those happy to go along with it.

Please vote if you haven't already.