Thursday, November 19, 2020

Family Approval

Thanksgiving is next week. Even with our pandemic enduring, it might be that people are making plans to be with family this Thursday or some other time over the weekend. I personally recommend against it, but you might have already made plans.

There are many who look forward to these times of holiday reunion. But there are many others who do not. 

For some, times like Thanksgiving are less opportunities for joy and togetherness, and more times for walking on eggshells around family conflict, or enduring the overbearing and damaging opinions of one attendee, or constant anxiety due to registered disapproval of how one identifies or who they love.

This week, I hold in prayer all those who will be heading home even though they don't want to. I hold in prayer all those who have already decided not to go home, and those who have been told to stay away. I hold in prayer all those who have found chosen family with whom they are able to share genuine acceptance and support.

However and wherever and with whomever you celebrate, may you feel loved this Thanksgiving.