Thursday, December 31, 2020

A 2020 Writing Retrospective

Like many others, I will be glad to see this year in my rearview mirror. Large chunks of it were awful and anxiety-producing. 

For a very long time, I hated the concept of New Year's due to the strong message that once the clock hits midnight a lot of stuff will magically change.

I know better. Most people know better.

But it's the symbolism of the thing, right? This is a turning of the page, a leaving behind of the old and embrace of the new. It'll at least help our psyches feel better, if nothing else.

Personally, I can at least express some thankfulness for how this year went from a writing standpoint. 

I published my fourth book, The Doctor and the Apostle: Intersections Between Doctor Who and the Letters of Paul. I'm grateful for all who have purchased it, read it, left reviews, or any combination of the three. These are how you support authors: actually buying their work and telling others about it. Especially for non-superstars like me. 

I did a number of launch-related things for it, which you can catch up on if you missed any or all of them.

I also did an online reading from my other books right when lockdowns started, which seemed to be meaningful for people who tuned in.

Despite all that happened this year, writing and creating and sharing were some of the biggest things that helped keep me going. If my doing so helped others get through this, all the better.

In addition to the book, here were my favorite blog posts that I wrote this year:

A Day in January - A reflection on 15 years of ordination.

What is Journaling? - An introduction to the spiritual practice of journaling. 

How to Leave a Pastorate During a Pandemic - Leaving my church without saying goodbye in person was rough.

Set Adrift - Really, it was rough.

Musings of an Online Worship Binge-Watcher - In the earliest days of not having Sunday responsibilities, I watched a lot of different church services.

The Privilege of Calling for Unity - It's not unity if people with power don't give up anything.

I'm thankful for the ability to write. I'll be thankful for more opportunities this coming year. I'm thankful for this psychic turning of the page. And I'm thankful for you, dear readers, for the ways you help make this happen.

Here's hoping that 2021 is a true turning of the page, in many positive ways.