Thursday, January 21, 2021

Momentary Peace

Most mornings, I wake up, pour my coffee, sit next to my dog on the couch, and enjoy an hour or so of peace. I check social media, I read a little, I listen to music, I breathe.

I also think about the day ahead, and all I'll need to concern myself with.

It's peace, but it's momentary.

For many people, yesterday was a day of relief. After four years where the nation's decisions were dictated by selfishness, ignorance, laziness, incompetence, corruption, and hatred, many finally experienced peace. I and others soaked in the end of one thing, and the possibility and hope of a beginning.

It was peace, but it was momentary.

Because the reality is that there is a lot of holdover from the last four years. Many wounds are still gaping, still in need of care. People who felt emboldened by the former administration are still seeking ways to carry on what it gave them cover to do.

There is much work to be done. There is much reconciliation and reckoning and accountability yet to be realized.

We need peace to gain our bearings. But then we need to get to work.