Sunday, February 28, 2021

A Prayer from Behind

based on Mark 8:31-38

Faithful God, I love your call to me, but only the easy parts.

I wish to pursue your vision for racial justice, but want to keep some privilege for myself.

I long to help realize greater equality for all genders, but only in the increments that keep me comfortable.

I want to speak up for the marginalized, but only in spaces that will win me praise.

I am committed to saying hard prophetic things, but only if it won't lose me any friends or followers.

I accept your command to serve those struggling with poverty, addiction, or mental illness, but only if I may vet them beforehand.

I love the cross, but as a fashion accessory and not a symbol of the cost of discipleship.

I believe the words you say, but hesitate to follow where they lead for fear of what they might actually ask of me.

And so I just sit and stare at these two beams, enjoying my own convenience, unaware of how I am both your adversary and my own.

May I receive not only your grace, but also your transforming courage for the work you would have me do.