Thursday, March 25, 2021

No Control

Over the past year, we've had to confront many fears. 

Undergirding many of them might be a fear of not being in complete control of our lives.

We haven't been able to wield control over our health; over whether or not we get sick.

Many have tried through denial, or by the sheer will of their own defiance and positive thinking. It's happening right now in Florida, for instance. 

Others have embraced the lack of control that things like COVID and mass shootings have exposed, resigning themselves to these tragedies being "just the way things are." Better to be defeatist and free than sacrifice something in trying to address it.

What form will this lack of control take after the pandemic? Will we be quick to return to restaurants, concerts, and airports? How well will we cope with the truth that everything is already different? Will we need more time to lament?

Will a lack of control bring fear, acceptance, or a resolve to change what we can?