Thursday, May 06, 2021

Join me at this storytelling event on May 21st

I'll be joining in this storytelling event hosted by Nicole Havelka Consulting on Friday, May 21st, beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET. Here's the description:

Stories open our hearts, broaden our perspectives and shape purpose and meaning – individually and communally. Join us for an evening celebrating the connections between the stories we tell and the spiritual meaning we make. 

Nicole has often seen how these different groups of people – creatives and spiritual/religious leaders – too often stay isolated from each other. But she has long had a vision for bringing these groups together for inspiration, collaboration and meaning making! This event aims to bring together creatives of all types and religious/spiritual leaders for community and collaboration. (You might even occupy both of these groups at the same time like Nicole does!) 

Here’s how it will work: 

We have a few people already scheduled to share a short piece of art (film, poetry, music, writing, dance, painting/drawing, etc.) and then talk about what it means to their spirituality. Several more spaces will be saved for participants who want to share during this time. You may sign up to share your art and reflection during registration. Nicole and the planning team will choose a limited number of them to ensure a variety of media, people and perspectives are included and represented.

I'll be sharing a brief excerpt and reflection about The Doctor and the Apostle that evening. There are sure to be a lot of great people and stories there!

Click here to register.