Sunday, July 04, 2021

A Prayer for True Freedom

Faithful God, today we may be tempted to conflate American values with Christian ones.

To confuse the values of capitalism with the way Jesus taught about the poor and rich.

To minimize the struggles of non-white, non-straight, non-Christian citizens at the expense of your call to fully include all whom you call beloved.

To assert the interests of the state no matter how antithetical they may be to the life and teachings of the One Whom you sent in the fullness of time.

To refuse to reckon with our history, even if repentance and atonement can't happen without it.

O God, may courage and honesty be invited to our cookouts and fireworks displays. 

May we retain a spirit of discernment between that which reinforces the anti-equal values of our current reality and what will bring about the radical transformation of the alternative kingdom that Jesus modeled.

May we carefully differentiate between what is life-giving and what will limit life for your creation.

And may telling the truth to ourselves and others lead us to true freedom for all.