Sunday, September 12, 2021

A Prayer from the City Square

based on Proverbs 1:20-33

Faithful God, it's been 20 years. Many of us remember how we felt that day - the shock, grief, anger, and anxiety still reside within us even after so long.

But now those of us who remember are needing to tell the story to those who can't, one generation keeping the memory alive by passing it down to another. We do our best to describe it with words and images, inevitably sharing our own thoughts and feelings with it.

That day, as now, wisdom cries out to us to discern what is still helpful and healthy to keep from our experience, and what to let go of. It tells us to differentiate between what will cause life to heal and flourish, and what will continue the cycle of tragedy and loss.

We confess that we're slow to listen to this gift of wisdom that you share with us. We prefer our own reactions, prejudices, and rules because they help us feel righteous, justified, and avenged.

O God, open our hearts and minds to whose voice is whose. And may true wisdom prevail, even all these years later. Amen.