Friday, October 22, 2021

31 Halloween Movies 2021 - Week 3

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This week's horror selections featured a little from all three of the most iconic slashers of the past 40+ years. The movies weren't all good or memorable, but I persist in my viewing. Here's what I saw this week.

15. Friday the 13th, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan - More accurately, Jason terrorizes a bunch of people on a boat, and then about 2/3 through the movie they finally go to Manhattan and Jason does a couple New York-specific things. This was the only one I'd previously seen (at way too young an age). The city setting actually made it less scary.

16. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday - So now Jason's spirit can move from one body to another, as he searches for a way to be reborn by possessing a blood relative. How do characters come by the information they need to defeat him? We aren't told, although the Necronomicon and dagger from the Evil Dead movies make cameos (the latter is what ultimately dispatches him), so maybe that's how people figure it out. Sadly, Ash Williams doesn't show up, but we do get the seed planted for Freddy vs. Jason.

17. Jason X - But for some reason before we get to that, Jason goes to space. After being captured and cryogenically frozen, he's discovered 450 years later by a group of students that has landed on the remnants of Earth. So he gets to kill a bunch of people on a spaceship with an enhanced cyborg body. Some of the self-referential humor was fun but otherwise the new setting didn't add much.

18. Freddy vs. Jason - Freddy is mad that everyone has forgotten him which has taken away his ability to enter dreams, so he summons Jason to start killing and have everyone think it's him. Eventually, of course, the partnership breaks down. This did a pretty good job of merging the two mythologies, with some nods to each. 

19. Halloween (1978) - So now we go from one masked killer to another in Michael Myers, an escaped psychiatric patient who stalks a group of college women, including Jamie Lee Curtis, of course. This was one of the more subtle and simple slasher movies I've seen, which makes sense since this was what gave birth to the genre. 

20. Halloween II (1981) - Set right after the end of the first movie, Michael continues his night of mayhem, with the two main survivors of the last movie still trying to stop him. And it mostly takes place in a dark hospital that apparently only has like 4 employees. This one's more of a typical slasher film, with many more gruesome deaths.

21. Halloween III: Season of the Witch - Here the series tries to branch out and move on from Michael (the first two movies exist as actual movies within this universe) and instead tell a story about a corporate plot involving witchcraft. This one relies more on creepiness and much less on gore, which was a refreshing change.