About the Blog

The Title: Wherever we find ourselves, we are presented with opportunities to observe, connect with, and reflect on the many ways God is present and communicating with us. I happen to like doing this in coffeehouses, among other places.

The Content: 

There are at least three general themes you'll find here:

Ministry - As a local church pastor, I often muse either on my own experience in that role or on where I think the 21st century church is meant to go.

Prayer - I have an interest in spiritual practices and occasionally share liturgy that I've written. If you'd like permission to use something, just let me know.

Pop culture - I'm one of those pastors who likes exploring where faith themes may possibly intersect with books, movies, TV shows, and music. The last Friday of every month, I share a brief roundup of what I've been reading, watching, or hearing lately.

This blog is an independent ministry. I strive for an honesty here that you probably won't find on The Official Blog of Pastor So-and-So of Such-and-Such Church, and that's the way I like it.

Welcome, and thanks for reading.